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NEW UPDATE - 07 August 2007

-Finally!! I've re-uploaded HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS. Please go to videos download if you wants to download it.
If the links are not working or the files itself has any problem, let me know.
I'll reupload it again. =)

ANNOUNCEMENT - 06 August 2007

-Okay guys! Since there isn't any updates here recently, i've created a poll for everyone! Yup! It's just a simple poll and it's the very first poll posted up on this fansite!
Click HERE to do the poll! XD

ANNOUNCEMENT - 31 July 2007

-Today is Nao-san Birthday! Happy Birthday to Nao-san! YAY!! *runs to send him fanmail*
Yes yes! Send Nao a birthday message! I got really happy when it comes to any of their birthday. o(^-^)o
And look, it's Pooh and Nao! Hahahs. Wee~~ XDD
-Recently there isn't any much update here. Sorry. But i'm working on a new gallery now. Hehehs. Yup!

ANNOUNCEMENT - 28 July 2007

-CONGRATS TO ALICE NINE WORLD!! This site has reached up to 1000hits! Thanks all who made it happens!
Please carry on to visit this Fansite! Thank you!
-If you're here, simply tag. =)

ANNOUNCEMENT - 21 July 2007

-The Best Band In The World Is Announced! Okays. alice nine. is on number 37! Check out the Jabra website http://www.jabramusic.com/. The result has been posted there.
I think it good enough to get up to number 37. Congrats to alice nine.!
-The download links for HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS is not working. I've checked it last night and realise that the whole 15parts are not working.
I haven remove the links yet. Will reupload them when my computer is not running down low disk anymore.
Or if anyone who can be kind enough to upload it for me, that would be much appreciated! ♥
-I'm not using jugem.jp as my journal anymore. Will be using live journal from now on.(add me add me! LOLS)
The old journal is still here. Look under Admin and you'll see both journals with the NEW and old words written beside. This time, my journal will be more like a personal journal. =))

ANNOUNCEMENT - 19 July 2007

-Yes! This is an announcement! About afew weeks ago, I've started setting up another fansite for my beloved guitarist, Hiroto. ♥
I'm here to announce it. LOLS. So here's the fansite.
I've made it looked alike to Hiroto official blog and it's named as RedHot Hiroto Fansite. Hehehs.
Please visit it and comments are much appreciated! ♥

NEW UPDATE - 18 July 2007

-Added a new Affiliates! Velvet-six, a fansite dedicated to alice nine.! WoohoO~ Hahahs. Please visit it.
-Vote for alice nin. ya! Read the update on 16/7/2007 which is just below this update. alice nine. has gone up to number 40 since the last time i've went checking it.
Actually, they've got up to 39 and then dropped down to 40. So guys, please vote as many as you can!
-Just to let all of you know, I've actually added all of your emails into my yahoo addresses. I mean those that has left down your emails at my tagboard or at my guestbook.
Just in case if some day i've changed my fansite url or something happened to my fansite, i can send emails to inform all of you.
But if you wants your email to be deleted from my yahoo addresses, just simply tag at the tagboard and let me know. I'll delete it.

NEW UPDATE - 16 July 2007

-I'm done uploading HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS Making & After Interview. Please feel free to download it. Enjoy~ XDD
-alice nine. world had reached 500hits!! Awaiting for 1000hits soon! Thanks all!
-Please vote for alice nine. Read the information below.
----------------------------INFORMATION NEEDED BY A9 FANS TO KNOW-----------------------------------
Have you voted for Alice nine as the best band of the year? Please vote for Alice nine at http://www.jabramusic.com/. You have to register first before voting. Please, we need to support Alice nine. As of now they're at number 43. I guess? If you have lot of e-mail address you can use it to register. Don't worry because verification of account is not needed. Once a day,vote for each account that you made. It will make a great difference. Please vote now since the voting will be until July 20th ONLY.
~ Thank you
[I've voted! So what are you all waiting for? Quickly register and vote for alice nine.!!]

NEW UPDATE - 15 July 2007

-I've uploaded the first part of HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS Making & After Interview.
There's a total of 6 part. Will upload the rest of the part asap. 8D

NEW UPDATE - 11 July 2007

-Live schedule opened! alice nine. schedule can be found there. It's under The Band.
Schedule are all from their OHP. I just put it here to keep everyone updated.
-For those who didn't realise where screencaps are, it's under Media/Download.
The screencaps may take some time to load. Just wait for it to load finish.
-Added a new Affiliates under links. antiPOP, a fansite for the GazettE.
Please visit it. It's a really great fansite!
-I've removed the code for all of my banner links. Now, if anyone wanted to link me, please save the banner and upload it to your own server.
-Read the site intro please! I've wrote some rules over there. And also things like if you have problem downloading anything from here, you'll have to ... ... Please read it!
-Look at this!!

I just went to alice nine. OHP and i happen to see this! What?! A NEW MAXI SINGLE will be released on 2007.10.24 and a NEW ALBUM will be released on 2007.11.28!
OMGG!! This is fcuking killing me! AhhHHH!! NEW SINGLE AND ALBUM will be out on the oct and nov! I'm so excited about it! o(≧∀≦)o
Okays. Lets all wait for their new single and album. WooOhooO~

NEW UPDATE - 05 July 2007

-YAY! Today is Shou-kun birthday! WoohoO! Happy birthday to Shou! Hahahs.
I'm really happy! Oh, i've made a bday banner for him.
Have to apologise for not making one during Saga bday. I totally forgotten about his bday. LOLS.
Lets all flood Shou fanmail with Happy Birthday note alright?! Hahahs.
I've sent him a fanmail already. o(≧∀≦)o
-Okays, screencaps are up. Only uploaded 3 PVs screencaps for now. Will upload more the next time.
-If you have notice, under the NOW PLAYING, i've added a hit counter. Am really glad that it's reaching 100 hits soon. YAY!
I know there's people coming, just that they didn't leave down any comments. 8D
-I'll be away for maybe 2 days. Sorry if i didn't reply to any of your comments. Will reply once i've got back so please carry on tagging. 8D
People, miss me ya! Hahahs. o(^-^)o

NEW UPDATE - 30 June 2007

-NEW icons uploaded!!
-I'm glad that someone actually readed the admin journal. Thanks so much for reading my journal and giving comments!
I'll keep this site updated and will carry on with the name of alice nine. world.

NEW UPDATE - 26 June 2007

-NEW LAYOUT!! Please comments on this NEW LAYOUT!
Let me know if this layout is better or the old one is better.
Comments comments please!!!

-I'm done uploading ALICE IN WONDEЯ FILM! Feel free to download it.
-I know I'm abit late. But still, Happy Birthday to Saga kun!

NEW UPDATE - 25 Junr 2007

-I'm uploading Alice In Wonder Film now. Have uploaded 6 parts so far. There's still 1 more parts to go.
-Site Intro updated. I've wrote some important things to take note about. Please take some time to read it.
-Sigh.. I'm kind of losing up hope on this fansite already. ='(

NEW UPDATE - 23 June 2007

-More videos uploaded at videos download. ^_^

NEW UPDATE - 17 June 2007

-I've got new Banners up at the links section. Scroll down and you'll sees it.
Now, people can choose the banner they want to link me.
-Admin profile has now been changed to Admin Journal. I'll be blogging over there.
I may share some youtube clips at times so do read it. ^^
People, please tag me more. I can see that there's alot of people downloading songs from here but very less people are tagging.
Simple words like thank you will do. Tag me, kay?

NEW UPDATE - 14 June 2007

-Icons are available now! I've upload some icons there already. Hehehs.
I'm still a newbie in making icons.^^

NEW UPDATE - 12 June 2007

-PVs from other band has been removed from videos download. I think Will is right about it and I find it really weird when this suppose to be an alice nine only fansite but there are PVs from other band. So I've removed it already.^_^
Yup! I'm not unhappy or angry. It's seriously fine with me. I welcome all comments ya!

NEW UPDATE - 11 June 2007

-Discrography layout changed.
-Gallary updated!^^
-More videos uploaded at videos download.

NEW UPDATE - 08 June 2007

-SUTOREI Cat and THE LAST EMPIRE has been uploaded at songs download! I think they really rocks!
What are you waiting for?! Go on and download it!!^^
-Alice Nine Biography is up! I've got it from HERE!
I find the infomation about them is really great and so I decided to put it up on my fansite.
Now you can understand Alice Nine more! ^^
-Uploaded some videos at videos upload. There's comments and the visual shock.

NEW UPDATE - 06 June 2007

-Today is the release of WHITE PRAYER single! Finally it's out! I'm really happy about it!^^
Guys, support them alright!
-Uploaded some videos at Videos Download. Check it out ya! There's also An-Cafe PVs.^^
-Now Playing song had been changed into WHITE PRAYER. Enjoy~
I'm really happy today because it's the release of WHITE PRAYER! YAY!! ^^

NEW UPDATE - 04 June 2007

-Gallary updated. Uploaded some old pics instead.
-Tag board messages deleted. I'm so upset about it. I accidentally deleted it.
People, please come and tag more often!
-Videos download is now available!(Still updating)
-Site Intro updated. Understand this fansite more.^^

NEW UPDATE - 02 June 2007

-WHITE PRAYER is now available for downloading!! Check out the songs download!!
Please support them by purchasing their original singles/albums.^^
-Admin profile is up! Understand the admin alittle bit more.
Ignore teh ugly photo.^^
-Gallary updated. New pics of them with White Prayer Outfit.