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alice nine. world is opened on 08 May 2007. The owner of this fansite is Yaya. This fansite is made to spread the alice nine. love and to make more people knows them and supports them. This site has been going on for months already and I can see that more and more people are coming to this site. I used to have the thoughts of closing this site because there's a time where visitors are getting lesser and i'm lossing hopes. But thanks to my online friend for supporting me and my site. Letting me know that I shouldn't give up and close this site down. I managed to continue. I've worked really hard on here so I hope that my recent visitors will continue to support my site and do helps to promote alice nine. world.

Changed Layout since 26/6/2007

Name: Yaya but Yaya-chan would be nice. =)
Birthday: 5th November
Hobbies: Singing
Country: Singapore
Jrock: alice nine., SuG, An Cafe, Ayabie, Plastic Tree, SID, Miyavi and etc..
Jpop: Otsuka Ai, Jun from Arashi, Kame from KAT-TUN
My journal: lj
Email: alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg
You can email me if there's anything you want to ask or say about this site.

☆Everything here are uploaded by me. NO HOTLINKIN!
☆Remeber, songs which you have downloaded from here should be deleted after 48 hours.
☆Support the band by purchasing their original singles/albums.
☆If any download links are dead, please inform me about it and I'll promise to reupload it asap.
☆If you have problem downloading songs or videos, email me about it.
Please state a server which your computer works well with and I'll upload it for you.
☆Some large videos has been splited into parts for downloading.
☆You'll have to use HJSpilt to join them up.
☆If you didn't know how to download HJSpilt from the main website, I've already uploaded it HERE.
☆For those who doesn't know how to join up files using hjspilt, go HERE.
☆If you wanna link me, go to links and choose the banner you like, save it and upload it to your own server.
☆For gallery scans, please DO NOT HOTLINK!
☆If you're reposting the scans at anywhere else, don't credits me!
The credits are above the scans so just give the credits to the community or person i've give the credits to.
☆As for screencaps, they are all taken by me so if you're reposting them at anywhere else, credits me!

☆Before you leave, please either sign my guestbook or tag my tagboard.

Wanna contribute fanart, fanfics, icons, wallpapers or anything else about alice nine.??

Email me at alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg!^^ I'll credits you.
I would be glad if anyone wants to contribute anything about alice nine.
You can also email me if you have anything to say or ask.

Please add me some comments as to tell me how I can improve on this fansite.
Thanks alot.